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Airport's agent responsible for non-aeronautical customers

Domodedovo Non-aviation Sales acts as the airport's non-aeronautical services agent
offering favorable cooperation terms


Domodedovo Non-Aviation Sales manages:

  • 12,000 sq.m of commercial space at the passenger Terminal;
  • 23,000 sq.m of industrial, warehouse, office, recreational, and other real estate in close proximity to the airport;
  • 16,000 ha of land surrounding Moscow Domodedovo Airport;
  • more than 350 advertising structures at the airport premises and the adjacent areas.

Domodedovo Non-aviation Sales provide a wide range of commercial services to travelers and visitors to Moscow Domodedovo Airport.

At the present time, the airport Terminal has about 100 shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. The airport has leading Russian and international brands that authorized to operate on the premises of the airport as a result of a bidding process.

There is a Duty Free area in the international sector. It includes stores with a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, souvenirs, elite cigars, confectionery. Specialized boutiques sell clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry.

Investors (Aerotropolis DME)

As part of the development of 16,000 ha of land surrounding the airport, Domodedovo Non-aviation Sales has initiated development projects at Aerotropolis DME - an urban planning unit, where amenities, infrastructure, and businesses are concentrated in the 25 km zone around the airport.

Aerotropolis is a new approach to strategic planning of the airport's commercial operations generating profit for the airport and partner companies. New urban development will attract investments into the region, generating additional tax revenues to budgets of all levels and creating new jobs.


Domodedovo Non-aviation Sales offers a wide range of advertising options: more than 350 standard media from billboards along A-105 highway from Moscow to Moscow Domodedovo Airport to video walls in the departure areas, and nearly 1,500,000 advertising surfaces available for branding: from parking tickets and barriers to boarding bridges and fuel tanks. Given the average passenger's stay at Moscow Domodedovo Airport - 2 hours - it can be concluded that the ad will be remembered and will spread as quick as a jet airplane can fly information about the brand or product around the world.

Development plans:

  • expanding the range of services offered to passengers and tenants, implementation and promotion of development projects for the forecourt and the retail and entertainment area Domodedovo Plaza;
  • offering new options to advertisers, including non-standard advertising;
  • offering new options to investors through new projects at Airport City and Aerotropolis DME.


Moscow Domodedovo Airport, Domodedovo District, Moscow Region 142015, Russia

Rent of commercial space and prequalification
Marketing Team
+7 495 504-02-23

Evaluation of bids by prospective tenants after successful pre-qualification
Sales Team
+7 495 787-86-77

Lease of agricultural land, storage and industrial space in the Moscow Domodedovo Airport area
Sales Team
+7 495 545-06-78

Establishing and growing your business in Aerotropolis
Real Estate Sales Team +7 495 363-30-69 (between 09:00 and 18:00 MSK), +7 903 798-21-92

Advertising Team
+7 495 504-02-27, +7 (495) 967-82-82