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Aircraft ground handling

Domodedovo Airport Handling is responsible for ground passenger handling and operational ground handling of partner airlines' aircraft.

Our services:


  • check-in;
  • boarding control;
  • escort to the aircraft;
  • baggage handling.

Aircraft ground handling:

  • aircraft escort to and from the parking position;
  • aircraft towing and positioning at the parking position;
  • power supply to the aircraft;
  • registration and storage of unit load devices;
  • cabin cooling and heating;
  • interior cleaning, restocking the aircraft;
  • aircraft toilet cleaning;
  • maintenance/filling of the aircraft's systems with water, special fluids, and gases;
  • deicing and anti-icing treatment;
  • aircraft load control and balancing;
  • line maintenance of aircraft;
  • maintenance, repair, cleaning of vehicles and special-purpose vehicles;
  • operated by the airport's units and partner airlines;
  • delivery of crews;
  • delivery of baggage;
  • connecting boarding bridges and steps for boarding and disembarkation;
  • delivery and loading of cargo and mail.



  • Self-service kiosk maintenance;
  • Support to the mobile check-in technology (check-in via smartphone).

Aircraft ground handling:

  • digital communication systems (TETRA);

  • ground power supply (Houchin, Hitzinger);

  • towbars (Cavotec, Hydro), aircraft tugs (SCHOPF), including SCHOPF F396 for the largest passenger aircraft Airbus A380;

  • air launch units Rheinmetall (MSU-200) for supplying hot air to aircraft engines;

  • passenger steps (TLD, FMC), boarding bridges (Thyssen Krupp);
    Currently, the airport has 24 boarding bridges, including bridges with two arms designed for wide-body aircraft (Boeing 747, Boeing 767, Boeing 777, Airbus A330, Airbus A340, etc.) and a two-level bridge with three arms for Airbus A380;

  • apron buses (Neoplan, Cobus, Ford);

  • sewage cleaning and water trucks (Volvo, Mercedes);

  • unique special vehicles for deicing: Elephant Beta Standard and Elephant Beta 15 from the world's leading manufacturer Vestergaard, and SDI 218 from Safeaero, whose distinctive feature is that the driver acts as the aircraft deicing operator, which reduces the staff costs.

Aircraft ground handling technology:

  • information system of operational vehicle control using the GPS (Global Positioning System) technology;

  • RMS (Resource Management System) - an information system for resource management providing efficient support to operations;

  • SAFEDOCK - automatic aircraft positioning system at the parking position with a boarding bridge;

  • BRS (Baggage Reconciliation System) - an electronic system for reconciling checked in and loaded baggage;

  • shared access platform SITA Airport Connect CUTE (Common Use Terminal Equipment) with support of self-service check-in kiosks CUSS (Common Use Self Service) and host departure control system SITA DCS (Departure Control System) with self-service check-in via web, mobile and CUSS kiosks;

  • automatic baggage handling system (BHS - Baggage Handling System) with multi-level screening of baggage optimizing tracking and delivery to the place of assembly for flights using a wireless terminals of the existing BRS system;

  • backup message generator BSM (BBG) for delivery of backup BSM messages to the automatic baggage handling system (BHS), in cases where the airport's host DCS or the airline are unable to deliver the BSM message by standard methods.

Number of aircraft handled

Year: 20042005200620072008200920102011201220132014
ОAircraft handled, thousands:62,865,574,990,597,691,4106,1121,5126,7131,8138,9

Development plans:

  • implementation of aircraft anti-icing with the engine running to reduce aircraft ground handling time;

  • upgrades to the equipment and vehicles;

  • upgrades to RMS: providing staff with mobile PDA devices to receive instructions and send completion reports.



Domodedovo Airport, Domodedovo District, Moscow Region, RF, 142015

+7 495 363-64-27
+7 495 795 35 11 (fax)