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Operational management of the airport

Domodedovo Slot Allocation manages the airport's key resources, taking into account the interests of all operators at Moscow Domodedovo Airport.


Main airport resource management:

  • seasonal flight schedule development and coordination;
  • coordination and control of the daily flight plan;
  • planning and operational assignment of aircraft stands at the ramp;
  • assignment of check-in desks;
  • assignment of boarding gates.

Air navigation services:

  • ground-based navigational support of flights;
  • aircraft surface movement control on the ramp;
  • briefing.

Information systems used:

DOMODEDOVO SLOT ALLOCATION is a high-tech business that uses in its work modern information technology:

  • AODB
    (airport central operational database accurately recording all events that are planned and take place at the airport. This solution provides the airport with all the necessary information on scheduled arrivals/departures and statistical information);
    (static resource management - parking stands, check-in desks, boarding gates);
    (an advanced surface movement control and supervision system). The unique multi-component system supports orderly and safe movement of aircraft and vehicles in conditions of limited visibility.

Development plans:

  • introduction of a short-term departures planning and management system (DMAN);
  • expansion of A-SMGCS;
  • improvements to the automated optimal air traffic control in the airport area and ground traffic on the ramp;
  • implementation of an automatic operational control system Hub Control;
  • implementation of a schedule slot-coordination system;
  • implementation of automatic telegram processing system;
  • implementation of an RMS-based automated system for check-in desk planning and management;
  • improvements to the automated system of optimal management of the airport's static resources based on a new version of RMS;
  • improvements to the airport's flight information system based on a new version of AODB;
  • automated control in case of failures (emergencies) in Moscow Domodedovo Airport's operations;
  • implementation of a workforce monitoring system in ground handling of aircraft.