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Aviation security service

Moscow Domodedovo Airport pays special attention to aviation security. Domodedovo Security protects the life and health of passengers and airport visitors, protects airport facilities, prevents illegal trafficking in weapons, explosives, and other dangerous items.

Domodedovo Security holds certificate of conformity of the aviation security services issued by the Federal Service for Transport Supervision at the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. Security officers undergo regular training at specialized training centers in the Russian Federation, CIS and abroad. Domodedovo Security has an in-house Aviation Training Center.


  • aviation security at the airport;
  • security checks of aircraft, passengers, aircraft crew members, maintenance personnel, baggage, and carry-on baggage;
  • security screening of cargo and mail, in-flight supplies;
  • access control, security of the aircraft, airport, and civil aviation facilities.


Airport Security uses all available modern technology from millimeter scanning and X-ray introscopes to gas analyzers and portable explosive detectors, etc. Profiling methods are actively used by the security. .


Airport Terminal is patrolled by service dogs specially trained to detect explosives.

Terminal, facilities and security checkpoints are monitored around the clock by audio and video surveillance systems. Security zones are established on the forecourt and around other airport facilities.

Security checkpoints

All passenger security checkpoints have scanners for fast, efficient and safe detection of objects of metal, wood, ceramics, plastics and other materials hidden on the body. Each scan takes about 3 seconds. The entire screening process, including data analysis, takes about 10 seconds("Technical Capability Standards of Moscow Domodedovo Airport, pursuant to Order 63 of 24.02.2011 by the RF Ministry of Transport ").

Baggage screening

Baggage handling and inspection system automatically detects items prohibited for carriage on aircraft.

Aircraft monitoring

Each aircraft parked on the ramp is continuously monitored. Before passenger boarding, mandatory pre-flight inspection of cabin and baggage (cargo) holds is conducted. The entire cargo and mail is inspected.

100% two-level inspection of the inflight supplies (inflight meals, galleys, duty free goods) is conducted:

  • video surveillance at the packaging stage at the inflight catering facility;
  • inspection of the packaged inflight meals when loading into highloaders for delivery to the aircraft.

Airport controlled area (ACA)

ACA perimeter has modern security technology - from perimeter alarm to thermal imagers. Vehicle access to ACA requires verification of the operator's pass and of the vehicle's pass by the security system. Checkpoints have technology excluding the possibility of unauthorized access to the airport premises.

Development plans:

  • installing travel document scanners in security check areas for automatic verification of authenticity;
  • implementation full-height turnstiles with integrated biometric scanners in the areas with restricted staff access;
  • installing at special control desks information monitors enabling the aviation security staff to pre-assess the passenger's potential risk level and order special inspection;
  • establishment of a crisis response center for the management and coordination of Moscow Domodedovo Airport's units in an emergency.


Bldg. 3/1, Domodedovo Airport, Domodedovo District, Moscow Region 142015.