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Inflight catering facility

Domodedovo Catering is the largest in Eastern Europe and CIS inflight catering facility capable of serving passengers of all classes with up to 80 000 meals в per day. Total floor space is over 24 000 m2.

The basic principle is individualized approach to the customer.

Today, Domodedovo Catering supplies inflight meals to more than 80% of Russian airlines flying from Domodedovo Airport, as well as major foreign airlines (Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Vietnam Airlines, JAL, Thai Airways, Iberia, Air India, etc.)

The menu includes a wide selection of standard and special (Muslim, dietary, vegetarian, baby food, etc.) hot dishes, cold dishes, desserts, and sweets .

High quality of meals by Domodedovo Catering and compliance with national standards is evidenced by certificates. The company has implemented a quality and food safety management system. There is a tasting board to ensure meal control and improvement.


  • Cook and chill (heat treatment followed by shock cooling) technology allows producing meals with a shelf life of up to 6 days at a storage temperature of -18°C;
  • Packaging in a modified atmosphere (ESL - Extended Shelf Life) allows to increase the shelf life by up to 5 days without the use of preservatives. This does not affect food quality, taste, and other properties. Airlines can thus order meals for the return flights as well;
  • Plating guide is a process of meal preparation for priority classes, followed by reheating and serving on board the aircraft;
  • The facility has universal and special high-tech equipment allowing to produce in-house bakery and confectionery products, drinks, smoked meat and cheese;
  • Special highloaders for delivery and loading of inflight meals to aircraft of all types.

Domodedovo Catering Service output

Year 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Meals, mm. 9,6 11,3 13,5 14,3 14,5 12,8 14,1 15,5 17, 1 18,6 19,9 19,3 17,1 17,1

Development plans

  • installing new technology at the facility;
  • implementation of innovative processes;
  • design and construction of inflight catering facility DCT-2 with an area of 50 000 m2

  • Address:

    Moscow Domodedovo Airport, Domodedovo District, Moscow Region 142015, Russia

    +7 495 787-86-50
    +7 495 967 84 91 (fax)