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Cargo terminal

Domodedovo Cargo is one of the largest in Russia in terms of cargo and mail being processed by international air cargo terminal.

For the convenience of customers, offices of freight forwarding and brokerage companies and sales offices of air cargo agents are located in the immediate vicinity of the Cargo Terminal.

Domodedovo Cargo has information kiosks with information about its services, the flight schedule of Moscow Domodedovo Airport, and shipment status.

Customer information is also available on a dedicated webpage on our website. Customers can remotely fill in some of the required documents, automatically calculate rates, and monitor cargo status.

Total warehouse area is 17 300 m2
The terminal can process up to 600 600 tons of cargo per day
This is 10 times the average capacity of the majority of Russian cargo terminals
Handling of all types of cargo, including dangerousYes
Customs clearance of goods (including electronic declaration) Yes
Transfer of cargo shipped via Domodedovo to other Russian and foreign airports Yes

Cargo terminal

A dynamic cargo measuring and weighting system is used when a consignment is accepted. To handle heavy cargo, Domodedovo Cargo uses multi-ton trucks. Special are available for oversized cargo.

Cargo terminal has specialized areas for the storage of explosives, valuable, radioactive, and perishable goods.

Explosive and radioactive materials

Check-in and handling of dangerous goods at the cargo terminal is carried out in accordance with the recommendations of IATA (International Air Transport Association) by staff members who underwent training and are certified by IATA in Category 6 and hold certificates from Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

Valuable cargo

Enhanced security and special handling is applied to valuable cargo. For storage a special area is used with CCTV systems, alarm, fire suppression, temperature and humidity control.

Perishable goods

Storage areas at the terminal have refrigerators and freezers that ensure maintenance of the temperature regime during handling and storage of perishable goods.

Development plans:

  • construction of new storage space with a total area of 15 600 m2;
  • implementation of RFID technology in cargo handling;
  • development of enterprise information systems to optimize the use of resources;
  • development of interactive services for airlines, cargo agents, shippers / consignees, allowing remote filling of shipping documents and tracking cargo handling or ordering services;
  • implementation of automatic loading control system.


Moscow Region 142015, Bldg 7, Domodedovo Airport, Domodedovo

+7 495 580-21-22 (Central Information Desk)
+7 495 795 38 25 (fax)