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Ship human remains


Human remains have the highest priority and are shipped before any other cargo.

Human remains handling request can be submitted at desk 11 at least 3 hours prior to flight departure.

Documents required to request air carriage of human remains:

  • death certificate issued by the Civil Registry Office;
  • statement from the sanitary supervision authorities of no objections to transportation of the human remains;
  • statement of quality sealing of the metal coffin casing;
  • accompanying person's ticket to the flight carrying the human remains (if accompanied);
  • consent from the airline operating the flight to carry unaccompanied human remains.

    Combined statement from the sanitary supervision authorities of no objections to transportation of human remains and quality sealing of the metal coffin casing is also acceptable.

    To have human remains carried on flights operated by airlines that have notified of a ban on transportation of human remains, airline's consent (telegram) authorizing carriage of human remains must be presented in addition.

Human remains may be carried by air in:

  • metal or metal-lined wooden coffins, carefully sealed, enclosed in wooden boxes, with the space between the metal coffin and wooden box filled with sawdust, peat, or lime;
  • funerary urns enclosed in boxes lined on the outside with dense fabric.

Delivery of human remains for storage:

  • fill out the Shipper's Request form following the instructions available on the stand or in the Customer Service Area;

  • contact (in priority to other customers) to a Domodedovo Cargo agent, who after registering the Shipper's Request and verifying the documents, either authorizes acceptance of human remains for storage and issues pass authoring entry to the premises, if shipping to a domestic destination, or will refer you to the customs office for further filling of the cargo customs declaration and applying for permission to put the human remains into storage at a temporary storage warehouse, if shipping to an international destination;

  • then follow the instructions for shipping a conventional domestic or international cargo, which are available on this website.

    Human remains are handled at all stages on a priority basis.