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Cargo processing


Cargo information

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Cargo flights timetable


Scheme of cargo terminal

  1. Domestic cargo acceptance (Gates 9-13)
  2. Domestic small consignment cargo acceptance (Gate 8)
  3. International cargo acceptance (Gates 5-6)
  4. International cargo delivery (Gates 1-2)
  5. Border control
  6. Customs clearance
  7. Veterinary inspection
  8. Cargo agent desks / Cashdesk
  9. Dangerous goods check-in
  10. Issuance of documents for received cargo
  11. Cargo check-in
  12. Domodedovo Cargo entrance gates
  13. Domodedovo Cargo exit gates
  14. Cargo handling services (Service Aero Ltd)

Download a detailed scheme of the cargo terminal of "Domodedovo Cargo"