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  1. For more information on shipping cargo, contact information desks 12 and 14 in the Customer Service Area.

  2. For the Cargo Handling Request form (filling instructions are available on the information board), contact the Customer Service Area desk 10, Outbound Cargo Agent, or the airline's authorized agent;

  3. Submit the filled out Cargo Handling Request at desks 1-4 to the Dangerous Goods Agent to have the nature of the cargo determined and the Request endorsed;

  4. Then, contact the Outbound Cargo Agent at desk 10 to have the Request registered;

    Note:If you need value-added services, check appropriate boxes in the Cargo Handling Request and notify the Agent. You will be issued cargo tags and one-time pass (yellow) required for vehicle admission to Domodedovo Cargo premises.

    Vehicle is not eligible for access to the premises of Domodedovo Cargo if the cargo weighs less than 100 kg.

    Parking is allowed only in designated areas (parking spaces)!

    To ship cargo weighing less than 100 kg, order cargo handling services to have the cargo unloaded and delivered to the reception/delivery area by contacting desk 6 in the Customer Service Area or calling +7 916 210-56-40.

    In case of inclement weather (heavy frost, rain), perishable goods or live animals, light vehicles carrying cargo of less than 100 kg are granted access to the premises of Domodedovo Cargo.

  5. At desks 1-4, contact the Dangerous Goods Agent to determine the nature of the goods, submit the Cargo Handling Request, shipping documents indicating the nature of the goods and whether safe carriage on an international flight is possible. After completion of the procedure, documents are endorsed with a "verified" stamp.

    Note: If shipping goods of vegetable or animal origin, contact the Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service on Floor 2 in DTK-1 Building:

  6. Upon arrival at the cargo reception area of the warehouse (Gates 7 and 8), unloading of the cargo from the vehicle is offered free of charge. After unloading, cargo labels received from the Outbound Cargo Agent must be attached to each cargo unit.

    Note: To put cargo into storage, you must hold pass received from desk 10 in the Customer Service Area. Cargo must be packaged in accordance with the airline's requirements.

  7. In the cargo reception area, contact the Cargo Reception Operator of the respective reception stream. Present the Cargo Handling Request / Air Waybill and the cargo to be transported. Aviation Security Officer will inspect the cargo, endorse and forward the shipping documents for the operator handling. If the cargo details (quantity, weight, dimensions) match, the Operator will endorse the Cargo Handling Request and the vehicle pass.

    In case of mismatch between the actual weight and the Cargo Handling Request, make corrections in the customs declaration at the Domodedovo Customs Office.

  8. Then, complete customs clearance in accordance with the customs legislation (customs clearance unit can be found on Floor 1 of DTK-1, open seven days a week between 09:00 and 21:00). Customs clearance is considered complete when the customs declaration and the air waybill have been endorsed for release.

    Note: For advice on customs clearance, contact Domodedovo Consulting on weekdays between 09:00 and 18:00, Office 349, ZGK-2 Building (facing Domodedovo Cargo building), tel. +7 495 662-67-45, +7 495 662-43-26, +7 495 795-34-87 или по электронной почте consulting@dme.ru.

  9. Once the air waybill is endorsed by Domodedovo Customs Office, contact the Border Control Unit, Moscow Border Control Squad (Floor 1, DTK-1), where the border control officer will register the air waybill and, if approved, endorse all copies of the air waybill.

    Note: One original copy of the air waybill or its photocopy will be kept by the officer of Moscow Border Control Squad.

  10. After delivering the cargo, contact the Billing Office, located in the Airlines and Cargo Agents Ares (Office 6) and pay the service fees. Billing Operator will mark as paid all copies of the air waybill and return you your copy of the air waybill and the payment receipt.

    Note: Billing Operator keeps the Cargo Handling Request.

  11. When leaving the Cargo Terminal, return your pass to the security at the checkpoint and make the vehicle available for inspection (open the trunk/cargo space).