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Domestic Flights

Customer guide for cargo claim (Domestic Flights)

  1. At Domodedovo Cargo External Freight Depot ATRAN, contact the consignee information desk.
    Note: To track your shipment, inquire about service rates and directions to ATRAN claim area, call the Central Information Desk at +7 495 580-21-22 ext. 0

  2. Provide to the Information Desk Agent the following:

    • notice of arriving cargo or air waybill number;
    • passports;
    • original authorization signed by the executive and chief accountant and sealed, if the shipment is addressed to an entity;
    • notarized authorization, if the shipment is addressed to an individual.

    Note: Authorization to claim shipment issued by an entity may have a long validity period, therefore the original authorization must be presented to the Information Desk Agent when submitting a copy.

  3. Arriving Cargo Clearance Agent:

    • issues to the customer against written acknowledgment of receipt at least two copies of the air waybill and the accompanying documents, if any;
    • if necessary, refers the customer to the quarantine unit.

    Note: If shipping goods of vegetable or animal origin, contact the Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service on Floor 2 in DTK-1 building:

  4. Upon receiving a copy of the air waybill, fill out and sign the Arriving Cargo Claim form or the Arriving Cargo Handling Request form.

  5. Take the air waybill (and the Claim or Request) to the cashdesk. Cashier will calculate the fees due for the service provided in respect of the air waybill, if required by the air waybill or the signed Arriving Cargo Handling Request, accepts payment and issues the miscellaneous fees receipt (KRS) endorsing the air waybill as "paid." Cashier keeps the Claim/Request signed by the customer and issues one copy of KRS (if executed) to the customer.

  6. When payment for services (if required by the air waybill or the signed Arriving Cargo Handling Request) has been made, present the endorsed air waybill, authorization to claim cargo and your passport to the Cargo Handling Operator in the cargo claim area.

  7. Cargo Handling Operator (before releasing the cargo) will check whether the air waybill is endorsed as "paid" and contains all other required endorsements.