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Customer guide for cargo claim (International flights)

To claim cargo arriving on an international flight:

  1. Contact the Arriving Cargo Clearance Agent at desks 16, 17, 18 of the Access Control Office building.

  2. Present the following to the Arriving Cargo Clearance Agent:

    • notice of arriving cargo or air waybill number;
    • your passport;
    • original authorization signed by the executive and chief accountant and sealed, if the shipment is addressed to an entity;
    • notarized power of attorney, if the shipment is addressed to an individual.

  3. Receive, against written acknowledgment of receipt, from the Arriving Cargo Clearance Agent at least two original copies of the air waybill, and, if any, accompanying documents.

  4. Take the documents to desk 19 in the Customs Clearance Office, DTK-1 Building, to complete customs clearance of the cargo.

  5. Pay the service fees at the cashdesk.

  6. When the service fee has been paid, take the documents to the International Cargo Claim Area and contact the Cargo Handling Operator.

  7. After claiming the cargo, check the condition of its packaging and the units of cargo number. If there are no issues with the shipment, state in the air waybill that complete shipment was received and no issues exist, sign and date the statement.