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Shipper's responsibilities when shipping live animals:

Shipper instructions are given in Chapters 1, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 of the IATA Live Animal Regulations.

Before shipping live animals, make sure that:

  • planned live animal transportation is not prohibited by law;

  • all the required export, import, transit licenses or permits, etc. are attached to the shipment;

  • shipment of live animals has been correctly classified, described, packed, labeled, and marked with symbols;

  • shipper's live animal transportation certificate is filled out in two copies;

  • pregnant animals may not be transported without a veterinary certificate stating that the animal is fit for shipment and there is no risk that the animal will give birth while in transit.

    Pregnant monkeys, lactating females, and breastfed young animals are not accepted for air transportation.

  • no animals born less than 48 hours prior to shipment are being shipped;

  • animals have been carefully prepared for transport (refer to LAR container requirements);

  • animals have not been euthanized without veterinary supervision;
  • consignee is notified about the arrival date and flight to be able to claim the animal promptly;
  • air waybill includes a round the clock phone number so that the carrier can contact the shipper or agent, if necessary;
  • air waybill includes full name and ticket number of the person accompanying the animals (if any).