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On April 7, 1962, the order of the Chief of the General Administration of Civil Air Fleet No. 200 «On the organization of the Moscow Domodedovo Airport» was issued, the text of which stated: «To organize, as part of the Moscow Administration of Transport Aviation of CAF, Domodedovo Airport, and henceforth, to call it the Moscow Domodedovo Airport».

Origin of the name

The name comes from the name of the town of Domodedovo, emerged near the similarly-named station, which, in turn, was named after the village mentioned in the testaments of Vladimir Andreevich Serpukhovsky in 1401-1402, who belonged to the royal family of the Romanovs from the 17th century. The cadastres say about generations of many famous people that lived in that area - Menshikovy and Naryshkiny, Obolenskiye and Ogaryovy.

Our days

According to the results of nationwide voting in the contest «Great Names of Russia», held in 2018, the Moscow Domodedovo Airport got the name of Mikhail Lomonosov - scholar and lexicographer, the legacy of which is associated with the development of modern high-tech industries.

Mikhail Lomonosov is considered to be the founder of Russian science, as well as the first Russian scientist-naturalist. Having received a thorough education, Lomonosov conducted various research activities in the Russian Academy of Sciences: optics, heat, electricity and gravitation, meteorology and art, geography, metallurgy, history and chemistry, philosophy and literature, geology and astronomy, - these are the areas in which this outstanding scientist has made his marks. Lomonosov's literary activity is closely connected with the research.
«From the beginning, we supported the project «Great Russian names». It is symbolic that on the basis of open voting results, the airport will be named after Mikhail Lomonosov. First, Domodedovo implements joint educational projects with Moscow State University. Second, in the development of high-tech airport business, we give preference to scientific approaches. We are honored that Domodedovo preserve the memory of the first Russian scientist for tens of millions of Russian and foreign air travelers» - the director of the Domodedovo Airport Igor Borisov said.

According to the presidential decree of November 28, 2018, the name of an outstanding person assigned to the transport infrastructure object «is not part of the established geographic object», and does not entail a change of its name. Thus, changes to the airport code, which is defined by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), is not provided.


IATA airport code is a three-letter unique identifier assigned to the airports of the world by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The code is assigned by the headquarters of the mentioned organization. Normally, it is a name of a natural location compressed to 3 letters. IATA airport codes are used by the airlines, tickets agencies, ticket booking computer systems, and other involved organizations to transmit information related to the organization of commercial activities in the field of passenger traffic and the interaction of the different companies within this business.

IATA code for the Moscow Domodedovo Airport - DME

ICAO airport code is a four-letter unique individual identifier assigned to airports of the world by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). These codes are used by the airlines, air traffic control and meteorological services for transmission of aeronautical and meteorological information for airports and flight plans, designation of civil airfields on the navigation maps and addresses of airports in the international Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network.

IATA code for the Moscow Domodedovo Airport - UUDD

In addition to the ICAO and IATA codes, the airports have regional code combinations. They are used only within a country (in Russia, for example, there are around 3000 codes in such a system). All regional 3-letter codes (sometimes Cyrillic) are unique.

IATA code of the Moscow Domodedovo Airport - DMD