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Moscow Domodedovo Airport offers a wide range of various services.

Moscow Domodedovo Airport today is one of the largest airports in Russia. In 2020, passenger traffic was over 16,4 million passengers.

Scheduled flights to Moscow Domodedovo Airport are operated by 44 airlines. Regular flights from Domodedovo are offered to 187 destinations, 44 of which are unique for the Moscow region in having connections with Domodedovo only.

Moscow Domodedovo Airport was granted the international status in 1992 and serves all types of Russian and foreign-made aircraft.

The Airport covers the area of 1,287 hectares, of which 249 hectares are furnished with artificial pavement. The apron can accommodate 143 aircraft of various types – from business aviation craft of Falcone 90 type to passenger airliners and cargo giants like Airbus 380, Ruslan, and Boeing 747-400.

Both runways at Moscow Domodedovo Airport are certified to category IIIA of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). This certification allows takeoff and landing operations in adverse weather conditions, greatly reducing flight delays. This is achieved by the use of modern lighting, meteorological, and radio equipment.

Terminal has category C in IATA (International Air Transport Association) classification. Domodedovo Passenger Terminal was the first in Russia to be receive the international certificate of quality management ISO 9001:2000 from the International Organization for Standardization, which evidences the high quality of corporate management, high professional level of the staff, and a well-established system of control of the operational activities.

Interaction Scheme of airlines with companies of Moscow Domodedovo airport:

Moscow Domodedovo Airport services:

Services and fees in both aviation and non-aviation segments.

Terms and conditions of services are stipulated by the respective contracts following the IATA recommendations (also see Rules and requirements of the Domodedovo airport).


Bldg 1, Domodedovo Airport, Domodedovo, Moscow Region 142015, Russia

+7 495 795-34-89
+7 495 795 35 11 (fax)