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Domodedovo airport official app:

The official mobile application of Moscow Domodedovo Airport allows passengers to:

  • receive operational information about flights arriving at the airport and departing from it at any time;
  • find out in details about the services that passengers of Domodedovo airport can receive;
  • pay and book parking;
  • receive reference information on the services provided to citizens with disabilities.


DME Live 2.0

Have you ever wanted to know how an airport works? Yes? What if we offer you to take over the management of the largest airport in Russia and Eastern Europe - Moscow Domodedovo Airport?

Download the app, meet the new flight and get the board ready for departure as soon as possible - fill up with aviation fuel, deliver the most delicious in-flight meals, luggage and, of course, don't forget about passengers. Ready? Then send the plane and take the next one! Dozens of planes land and take off every few minutes, carrying thousands of passengers and tons of cargo. Day gives way to night, the sun covers up with fog, frosty winter comes to replace summer, but the airport does not stop working for a minute! All airport services are in full readiness and are waiting only for your commands, on which the fate of your port depends!

Timeliness and rationality are the main strong points of your aviation harbor. The faster and more competently you serve flights, the more your airport earns! Do not forget to invest the funds received in the development of infrastructure, because with each round there are more and more planes, and it becomes more difficult to coordinate them!

You will not heve time to get bored! And at the end you will proudly say - # THISISMYPORT!

DME Live 1.0

The first version of your favorite game!