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29 июня 2016 18:06

Moscow Domodedovo Airport has held a media preview of the construction of the new T2 passenger terminal segment

On 29th June Moscow Domodedovo Airport hosted an exclusive preview of the new T2 segment of the passenger terminal, currently under construction, for journalists and bloggers. Over 40 mass media representatives took part in the event.

‘The construction is proceeding to the approved schedule. Construction shift teams are working on the site 24/7. There are over 1.6 thousand people, 30 pieces of building machinery and 7 tower cranes working on the site. According to plan, in two-months’ time the in-situ concreting phase will be completed. Next to follow will be the mounting of engineering systems that is expected to involve 2.6 thousand people,” informs Alexander Boyko, the head of the T2 construction project.

The head of the project told the guests that the delivery deadline for the project was the 1st quarter 2018. The overall execution timeline is 28 months. The total resulting throughput capacity of the airport’s passenger terminal (segments Т1+Т2) will exceed 45 mln PAX/year.

The total volume of Moscow Domodedovo Airport’s own funds invested in construction projects since 1996 amounted to RUB 31 bln. Another RUB 19 bln has been invested by the airport into technical retooling, information technologies and an array of other initiatives. Over the last 15 years DME’s passenger traffic grew more than tenfold. The airport’s tax contributions increased from RUB .2 bln in 2006 to RUB 7.7 bln in 2015.

Additional information:

The project is being implemented in the framework of the passenger terminal architectural concept based on the UNDER ONE ROOF principle – a single terminal building unleashes full potential of the airport complex.

Upon completion of the project, the area of the passenger terminal will have almost doubled, with an extra 235,000 m2 added to its current square footage. Upon delivery of a project aimed at expanding the existing segment of the passenger terminal, the total passenger terminal capacities will have reached 500, 000 m2.

The new segment of the terminal will also have 7 floors, with two of them located underground. The project provides for division of passenger traffic flows. Arrivals and departures will be split into two levels, with around 100 check-in desks and over 40 self check-in kiosks to be installed.

In order to perform technical handling of aircraft, apron stands will be equipped with pop-up pit systems to tie in aircraft to the electricity supply and air conditioning networks, sewerage system, drinking and technical water pipelines. Currently, all Russian airports perform aircraft handling operations using ramp vehicles.

It is planned that by 2017 the first phase of a multi-level car park with a capacity of around 1,500 car spaces will come on stream in the direct vicinity of the second segment of the passenger terminal. The car park and the new passenger terminal segment will be connected via a pedestrian gallery that will be laid underneath the elevated car road.

The overall number of car spaces, upon commissioning of both phases of the car park, will reach circa 3,500 spaces, with a total of 9 levels (3 underground and 6 above the ground). The investment profile is RUB 2.3 bln. Upon delivery of this project, the total capacity of the broad car park network for private vehicles will reach around 9,000 car spaces.

With a view to ensuring uninterruptible power supply for the T2, the first phase of a mini Thermal Power Plant will be brought on stream in Q4, 2017. The second phase of the Thermal Power Plant will be commissioned concurrently with construction of the T3. The power output of each phase will be 12 MW. The total power output of the plant will be 24 MW and the total heating power capacity will be 100 MW. The cost of the project is estimated at RUB 1.8 bln.

Q4, 2016 is expected to see commissioning of a new roofed Aeroexpress platform tailored to accept two-level passenger trains.

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