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15 апреля 2016 16:43

Position of Moscow Domodedovo Airport on Extension of the House Arrest for Dmitry Kamenshchik

On 14th April, 2016 Moscow’s Basmanny Court decided to extend the house arrest for Dmitry Kamenshchik, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Moscow Domodedovo Airport, until 28th July, 2016 over the criminal case instigated under Art. 238 Part 3 of the Russian Criminal Code ‘Production, storage, transportation or sale of goods and products, performance of works or rendering of services not compliant with security requirements’.

The Court once again took no notice of the defense arguments and demands of the Prosecutor’s Office. No attention was paid to the resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation No. 43 dated 19th December, 2013 ‘On the practice of application by courts of legislation on restrictive measures in the form of custody, house arrest and bail” either. The resolution provides that more specific arguments need to be laid in case of extension of a restrictive measure as opposed to its initial application. The investigators’ statement is, however, limited down to standard and general-sounding language without providing any specific details.

It stands to mention, the fact that no investigative activities in relation to Dmitry Kamenshchik were held during the two months of his custodial restraint was also overlooked.

The Chairman of the Board of Moscow Domodedovo Airport once again declared himself not guilty: «In fact, I am being incriminated in two alleged charges - “increasing the airport’s vulnerability” (and we know that there is no such article in the Criminal Code) and the second charge is “failure to prevent a terrorist attack” (no article on non-prevention of terrorist attacks either). Strictly speaking, any person on the planet can be accused of any terrorist attack that took place. For if it did take place, it had not been prevented.”

Dmitry Kamenshchik underscored that he was ready to stand up for his innocence using any lawful means available and had no intentions to abscond from the investigation, which he had been cooperating with for five and a half years.

The legal position of Domodedovo Airport regarding unjustifiability of the detention and selected measure of restraint remains unchanged. Just like before, we are interested in an objective approach to examination of all circumstances of the case.

The decision taken by the Basmanny Court will not in any way affect the operating activity of Moscow Domodedovo Airport and its obligations towards its partners.

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