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07 июля 2016 12:27

Domodedovo Airport to invest RUB 2.2 bn in the IT development

Moscow Domodedovo Airport is planning to spend RUB 2.2 bn in 2016 and 2017 for implementation of projects in the sphere of information technologies. All the projects are aimed at bolstering client orientation and boosting efficiency of processes in place at the airport.

The planned 2016 investment in the development of projects in the IT spectrum amount to over RUB 500 mln, whereas in 2017 they will exceed RUB 1,655 mln. In 2015 the actual spend on the development of information technologies was over RUB 660 mln. Overall, from 2004 through 2015 Domodedovo Airport invested circa RUB 5 bn in the IT area.

Among key IT projects due to be brought on stream in 2016/2017 is a large-scale upgrade of the video surveillance system that will use video analytics capabilities to increase efficiency of performance of both security and production-related services. In the framework of the project implementation, up to 2,500 high resolution digital cameras will be installed, as well as a system of radar stations with PTZ cameras and thermal imagers detecting objects in any weather conditions and at any time of the day.

One of significant projects is establishment of a Situation Room allowing to consolidate information from key data bases and augment efficiency of operating coordination among airport services, including in cases of crisis situations. The system will also encompass a mechanism for investigation of reasons behind certain events and assessment of how effective were remedial actions of airport staff.

To be introduced is also a system designed to control performance of aircraft ground handling operations (Com Control) and a performers monitoring system. The project will give a capability to control movement of aircraft, vehicles and aerodrome staff on the apron and distribute tasks in different production-related areas via higher timeliness of data input about actual engagement of resources. In the framework of the project, airport staff will be supplied with special mobile devices.

The upgrade of the information system responsible for resource planning and management (RMS) is aimed at receipt and processing of orders for extra ground handling services, execution of such orders and optimization of engaged resources. The RMS will enable to exercise control over the course of performance of various operations and forecast the time of aircraft readiness for departure.

The passenger traffic management system (Passenger Access Control), also on the cards to be implemented, will be designed to manage passenger flows in the pre-flight control areas and to control workstreams in progress in the airport’s transit passenger and luggage handling areas.

The project seeking to introduce an electronic queue for passengers with undelivered or lost luggage is aimed at systematizing the queue in case of a mass non-arrival of luggage, as well as in emergency and force majeure situations. As early as in 2016 the system will start delivering statistical information on the handling process and improving the quality of client service through minimizing queuing times for passengers.

A special complex of hardware and software to run the centralized aircraft fuelling pipelines (Hydrant Fuelling System) will come on stream in 2016, concurrently with the implementation of the first stage of the hydrant fuelling system reconstruction. The expansion of the centralized aircraft fuelling system is planned to be two-staged (due for completion in 2016 and 2020) and will result in full automation of the process of supplying aircraft with jet fuel. The introduction of a special automated management system to run fuelling processes will enable the airport not only to operate the centralized fuelling system, but also to hike the efficiency of technological processes, ensure accident-free operation and cut down on spent materials and electric power resources.

Moscow Domodedovo Airport is one of the largest international airports in Russia, serving 30.5 mln passengers in 2015. The best airport in Russia and the CIS, according to Skytrax. Domodedovo has been chosen by leading global airline alliances – Star Alliance and oneworld – for flights to Moscow.

Domodedovo Integration is a specialized entity responsible for development and introduction of corporate information systems, as well as management of IT infrastructure projects in the interests of Moscow Domodedovo Airport.

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