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05 июля 2016 13:43

Domodedovo Airport to invest around RUB 2 bn in the development of the centralised aircraft fuelling system

Moscow Domodedovo Airport is investing RUB 1.7 bn in the project aimed at reconstructing the centralised aircraft fuelling system (Pop-Up Pit System) allowing to fully automate the process of supplying aircraft with jet fuel.

The reconstruction is set to be two-staged, with completion planned for 2020. The first stage of reconstruction will be finalised in 2016, resulting in an impressive increase in the number of aircraft stands cut into the pop-up pit system from 14 to 34 by the end of 2016. Upon completion of both stages, the total number of stands fuel-fed through the system will reach 190.

In the framework of the above development of the centralised fuelling system, new aircraft stands will be equipped with fuel hydrants feeding jet fuel from the kerosene depot of Domodedovo Fuel Services - DME’s fuel farm - to aircraft fuelling points through fuel dispensers.

In pursuit of raising efficiency of technological processes in place at Domodedovo, employees of the airport have developed a new system for automated management of the centralised fuelling system. The package of hardware and software worth RUB 67 mln will be introduced as early as on the first stage of the fuel system reconstruction due for completion in 2016.

The automated management capability for the centralised fuelling system is designed to ensure its reliable and faultless operation, run automated diagnostics of involved equipment, prevent accidents and stabilise performance characteristics of technological lines.

Apart from that, the automated system will boost the speed of decision-making, cut down operating expenses, and decrease usage of materials and electric power. The new system will be integrated into a large-scale project uniting automated management of all technological processes involved in running of Domodedovo’s fuel facilities.

Moscow Domodedovo Airport is one of the largest international airports in Russia, serving 30.5 mln passengers in 2015. The best airport in Russia and the CIS, according to Skytrax. Domodedovo has been chosen by leading global airline alliances – Star Alliance and oneworld – for flights to Moscow.

Domodedovo Fuel Services is the fuelling complex of Moscow Domodedovo Airport, one of the largest operators on the market of jet fuel supply in Russia and the CIS. The major objective of the entity is sustainable, uninterrupted and safe provision of aircraft with jet fuel in compliance with requirements set in international standards.

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