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09 March 2017

Domodedovo Int. Airport Invested RUB 8.7 bn in a New Segment of Terminal T2

March 9, 2017, Domodedovo, Moscow Region. Moscow Domodedovo Airport announced the interim results of a key infrastructure project - a new segment of the passenger terminal (T2). By the end of February 2017, RUB 8.7 billion has been invested in the project. Over 30% of the planned scope is completed. More...

17 February 2017

Cargo traffic at Moscow Domodedovo Airport increased by more than 16%

February 17, 2017, Moscow Region. Moscow Domodedovo Airport, ranked the best airport in Russia,* reported the performance indicators of its cargo terminal in January 2017. Cargo traffic grew by 16.3% year-on-year, passing the 9,800 tons mark. More...

16 February 2017

Moscow Domodedovo Airport Passenger Traffic Continues to Grow

February 16, 2017, Domodedovo, Moscow Region. Moscow Domodedovo Airport, ranked the best airport in Russia,* reported its performance indicators in January 2017. In the first month of 2017,the air passenger traffic through the airport amounted to 2,089,356 - a 2.1% increase year-on-year. More...

08 February 2017

Domodedovo Ranked the Best Russian Airport in 2016

February 8, 2017, Moscow. Moscow Domodedovo Airport was ranked in Russia's Air Gateway rating as the best airport in Russia. Domodedovo won in the main category - Best Airport 2016. The award was presented by the Russian Minister of Transport Mr. Maxim Sokolov. More...

07 February 2017

Asia Time: Moscow Domodedovo Airport Published an Expert Survey of the Aviation Market

February 7, 2017, Domodedovo, Moscow Region. Analytical Center at Moscow Domodedovo Airport has published a study of the aviation market trends in 2017. As part of the project, the Center's analyst interviewed at the annual DME Business Forum industry experts representing tour operators, airport operators, Russian and foreign airlines. Survey included closed and open questions estimating the probability of an event and the influence of different factors on a scale from 1 to 10. More...

11 January 2017

Passenger Traffic Growth at Moscow Domodedovo Airport Continued Recording 3.5% in December 2016

January 11, 2016, Domodedovo, Moscow Region. Moscow Domodedovo Airport published its performance indicators in December 2016 and 2016 results More...

21 December 2016

Fast Track at Domodedovo - a New Level of Comfort


20 December 2016

In-Situ Concreting Close to Completion at Another Segment of Domodedovo T2 Passenger Terminal

Moscow's Domodedovo International Airport has announced preliminary 2016 construction progress of a new segment of the passenger terminal T2. More...

22 November 2016

DME AWARDS: Domodedovo Int. Airport Awarded Partner Airlines

Moscow's Domodedovo International Airport held the DME AWARDS ceremony. The aviation awards ceremony was attended by the top executives of all air carriers operating passenger and cargo flights to the airport. More...

18 November 2016

Domodedovo Int. Airport Orders Towbars for the Newcomers in Russia - Airbus A320neo and A350

By the end of 2016, Moscow's Domodedovo International Airport will purchase 44 new aircraft towbars, including towbars for Airbus A320neo and A350. More...