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21 February 2011

Moscow Domodedovo Airport Among Winners of HR-Brand 2010

On February 10, 2011, the fifth annual HR-Brand award ceremony was held in MDM. Best employers in 2010 were announced at the ceremony. The Influx program by Moscow Domodedovo Airport was among the ten finalists, as evidenced by the competition certificate. This means that Moscow Domodedovo Airport's Influx was found one of the best among the 62 projects submitted for the competition.

The award included 5 categories; 3 Grands prix and 3 special prizes from the organizer's partners were awarded as part of the Russian Employers Rating.

The Influx program is aimed at improving the HR quality through the involvement of graduates and students taking related education programs. After the competition, students of post-secondary and secondary educational institutions receive additional training in the chosen specialization, and school students are given the opportunity to take an additional preparatory course for admission to post-secondary educational institutions in Moscow and Moscow Region specializing in areas of study relevant to Moscow Domodedovo Airport.

The HR Brand Award is an independent annual award for the most successful promotion of the employer's reputation. It is a recognition of the company's success by the business community, experts, colleagues, customers, and job seekers. It is also a colorful awards ceremony with the participation of leading Russian and international experts in HR, as well as pop stars.

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