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14 июля 2016 15:28

The world’s best airlines choose Domodedovo

In the framework of the 52nd International Le Bourget Air Show, British consulting company Skytrax has announced the annual rating of the world’s best airlines – the famous ‘World Airline Awards’. Top 3 airlines in the 2016 rankings are partners of Moscow Domodedovo Airport.

Top scores in Skytrax rankings are acknowledged by the global aviation community as most prestigious quality accolades and important benchmarks for performance of aviation industry players. The survey to determine the world’s best airlines in 2016 attracted 19.2 mln entries completed by air passengers from 104 countries of the world, with 280 airlines assessed across 41 performance indicators.

We are proud that, out of ‘top 10’ winners of the World Airline Awards, a number of airlines operate flights to Moscow Domodedovo Airport - Emirates, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Etihad Airways and Lufthansa. The contest measured performance of global airline alliances as well, resulting in Star Alliance, which has chosen Moscow Domodedovo Airport as its base airport in Russia, claiming the top spot in the hall of fame.

Among the winners in other categories are an impressive number of Domodedovo’s partner airlines. Here are just a few examples of airlines who claimed top rankings in a range of categories:
  • Emirates – the ‘World's Best Inflight Entertainment’award (1st in the global rating);
  • Qatar Airways – the ‘World's Best Business Class’and the ‘Best Airline Staff in the Middle East’ awards (2nd in the global rating);
  • Singapore Airlines – the ‘Best Business Class Airline Seat’and the ‘Best Airline in Asia’ awards (3rd in the global rating);
  • Etihad Airways – the ‘World's Best First Class Cabin’, ‘Best First Class seat’ and ‘Best First Class catering’ awards (6th in the global rating);
  • Lufthansa – the ‘Best Transatlantic Airline’ and the ‘Best Airline in Western Europe’ award (10th in the global rating).
  • Austrian – ‘the Best Airline Staff in Europe’ (19th in the global rating).
Importantly, Moscow Domodedovo Airport itself has achieved repeat success, yet again winning Skytrax World Airport Awards (this time for 2016), and has been acknowledged the ‘Best Airport in Russia and the CIS’.

Moscow Domodedovo Airport is one of the largest international airports in Russia, serving 30.5 mln passengers in 2015. The best airport in Russia and the CIS, according to Skytrax. Domodedovo has been chosen by leading global airline alliances – Star Alliance and oneworld – for flights to Moscow.

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