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18 March 2011

Domodedovo Voted Best by Passengers

Moscow Domodedovo Airport has for the fourth time won the tourist award Travel.ru Star, retaining its leadership in the Best Russian Airport category. More...

21 February 2011

Moscow Domodedovo Airport Among Winners of HR-Brand 2010

On February 10, 2011, the fifth annual HR-Brand award ceremony was held in MDM. Best employers in 2010 were announced at the ceremony. The Influx program by Moscow Domodedovo Airport was among the ten finalists, as evidenced by the competition certificate. This means that Moscow Domodedovo Airport's Influx was found one of the best among the 62 projects submitted for the competition. More...

31 March 2010

Domodedovo Named Best Airport in Eastern Europe

Passengers have voted Moscow Domodedovo Airport the best airport in Eastern Europe. More...