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Special equipment use

LLC DOMODEDOVO CARGO has a diverse fleet of special-purpose equipment:

  • loader trucks (capacity of up to 10 t);
  • pallet trucks;
  • tractor trucks.

For information on cargo and mail handling and service fees please contact LLC DOMODEDOVO CARGO.

+7 495 795-35-06 (24/7)
+7 495 795-35-14 (Mon-Fri 9.00-18.00)


# Service Charges, excl. VAT Unit Note
1 Provision of truck scales 9,79 USD per weighing  
2 Forklift for loading/unloading operations 31,76 USD per hour Per each hour or fraction thereof.
3 Hydraulic trolley jack for loading/unloading operations 3,92 USD per hour
4 Vehicle for cargo and/or property transportation 22,12 USD per hour
5 Loader services 11,85 USD per hour
6 Provision of thermo-dolly for cargo transportation 29,17 USD per hour 1. Per each hour or fraction thereof.
2. Please specify the availability of the service in advance

Note 1 : In case of payment in RUR of invoice issued in USD the amount to be paid shall be calculated in accordance with the exchange rate fixed by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation as of the date of rendering services.

Note 2: All rates are exclusive of VAT. VAT is charged in excess of the indicated price in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation applicable at the time of settlement.