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Cargo packaging and labeling

According to the general rules of air transportation of passengers, baggage, cargo, and passenger, consignor, and consignee service standards, the cargo must be properly packaged and labeled.

LLC  DOMODEDOVO CARGO offers cargo packaging and labeling services.


# Service Unit Charges, excl. VAT Valuta Note
1 Special handling labels and tags Tag 0,13 USD Except for Dangerous goods (DNG)
2 Load spreaders
batten 130x15x2.5cm Batten 3,39 USD  
batten 200x20x2.5cm Batten 4,20 USD  
batten 300x20x2.5cm Batten 6,41 USD  
beam 200x10x10cm Beam 5,30 USD  
3 Euro-pallets Pallet 4,90 USD  
4 Lashing ropes Metre 1,70 USD  
5 Provision of packaging materials for weather effects protection of cargo/mail ULD type PGA
5.1 ULD type: PGA ULD 6,27 USD  
5.2 ULD type: except for PGA ULD 3,69 USD  
6 Cage for live animals (AVI)
50x33x32 cm Cage 50,79 USD  
57x37x36 cm Cage 65,45 USD  
64x43x43 cm Cage 92,25 USD  
71x50x51 cm Cage 140,88 USD  
82x57x60 cm Cage 228,16 USD  
93x65x68 cm Cage 319,25 USD  
105x75x79 cm Cage 472,54 USD  
7 Dangerous goods packing
8.1 Signing on dangerous / special cargo Label 1,22 USD It is applied to residents when marking with required shipping items, UN number determination, live animals (AVI) and shipper/consignee information.
Mark 0,62 USD It is applied to residents when marking according to hazard class or marking according to handling rules/ live animals marks (AVI).
8.2 Dangerous goods packing
8.2.1 Vesicular vermiculite) Litre 0,20 USD  
8.2.2 UN certified dangerous goods packing sets Fibreboard box with LTD QTY marking
DIMS 35x25x35 сm Box 1,76 USD  
DIMS 37x37x45 сm Box 2,63 USD  
DIMS 60x40x50 сm Box 3,32 USD  
DIMS 75x50x50 cm Box 4,42 USD  
8.2.3 4G five-layer fibreboard box
DIMS 32x25x35 cm Box 8,81 USD  
DIMS 40x32x32 cm Box 11,75 USD  
DIMS 40x40x45 cm Box 15,68 USD  
8.2.4. 1H2 plastic barrel
volume 48 l Barrel 16,48 USD  
volume 65 l Barrel 20,28 USD  
volume 105 l Barrel 27,90 USD  
volume 227 l Barrel 46,03 USD  
8.2.5 1A2 metal barrel (216,5 l) Barrel 35,25 USD  

Note 1: The above prices can be changed, if the purchase prices for packing materials, spreaders, lashing straps amend considerably.

Note 2: Packing/expendable materials are provided if they are available.

Note 3: In case of payment in RUR of invoice issued in USD the amount to be paid shall be calculated in accordance with the exchange rate fixed by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation as of the date of rendering services.

Note 4: *All rates are exclusive of VAT. VAT is charged in excess of the indicated price in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation applicable at the time of settlement.