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28 сентября 2016 19:51

Video of the press conference by Dmitry Kamenschik, Board of Directors Chair, Moscow Domodedovo Airport

September 28, 2016, Dmitry Kamenschik, Board of Directors Chair, Moscow Domodedovo Airport, held a briefing in the press center of MIA Russia Today.

During the event, Mr. Kamenschik commented the termination of the criminal investigation and criminal prosecution against former and current employees of the Airport and also talked about future development projects at Moscow Domodedovo Airport.

Below is the transcript of the opening statement by Mr. Kamenschik:

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Last time we met February 17, nearly 7 months ago, a bit longer than that. And as you know, we have on several occasions promised to the media to tell about the end of this story. If you remember, on February 17 we stated that, in our opinion, there is no offense. We cited the facts that were available to us. We were convinced that the suspicions were unjustified. And expected that the truth would be found as prescribed by law.

What happened in those 7 months? It appears that in those 7 months the truth was actually found as prescribed by law. On September 21, the criminal investigation was terminated for lack of evidence by the Deputy Head of the First Unit of the Investigative Department at the Investigative Committee Mr. Vasilovsky. This is an exonerative ground confirming that the accused is innocent and entitling to a compensation.

What happened in Basmanny Court on the 23rd? Basmanny Court dismissed the complaint filed by Mr. Nekrasov. In his complaint, Mr. Nekrasov appealed the alleged failure by the Investigative Committee to comply with the instruction by the acting General Prosecutor to terminate the criminal prosecution. And as soon as the Investigative Committee had independently ordered termination of the criminal investigation, Basmanny Court terminated the proceedings on the 23rd.

Our story is not, of course, one of the top 10 news stories. The public has, apparently, more important things to know about. Nevertheless, we felt the interest shown by the media and the public and we appreciate this.

ЧWhat happened during these 7 months? As you know, the Airport operated as usual and no major disruptions occurred, which, in my opinion, testifies to the resilience of the management team and of the business as a whole.

Our commitment to our customers whom we serve and to our contractors were met, and even bonds (I mean, our eurobonds), that had initially fallen against the backdrop of the bad news in the aftermath of my arrest, quickly recovered, and have for a few months been traded above their nominal value. From my point of view, our investment outlook is not that bad, I would even say, good. We have exceeded our own investment performance of the previous year by 60%, and investments in construction projects have exceeded our last year's performance by 84%. In my opinion, this means that panicking is the worst strategy when it comes to investment policy.

Probably, we also need to give an update on our public investments. As you know, the state is our long-standing investment partner. This segment, or this share of funding, is responsible for the runway and ramps. What I saw when I visited the construction sites after having been released from prison, was that the public investments had also caught up at the runway and ramps. We can say that we are satisfied with the way reconstruction of the second runway area and ramps is going now.

Anticipating questions, I should probably say that conspiracy theories were disproved. During the entire period, I did not receive any offers to sell the business. I still want to work and live in Russia. As an executive, I should say that we believe in the DME business, we are proud of it and we believe that what happened to us over the past 7 months over the last 20 years confirms the validity of our strategy - never panic, invest in Russia, never rely on any advantages, strictly follow the law, and never cite problems as an excuse for being weak.

Video on the website of the International Multimedia Press Center MIA Russia Today

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