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19 января 2016 16:17

Changes in the dangerous goods examination procedure take effect February 1, 2016

Dear customers,

With effect from February 1, 2016, dangerous goods examination will only be conducted if the complete set of shipping documents (waybill, invoice, VAT invoice) has been presented. Please note that, in the absence of the required shipping documents for the cargo, examination involving a dangerous goods expert will be denied.

We accept receipts for the following types of goods: clothing, footwear, printed matter, greenery, blank documents, urgent documents. We accept receipts from individuals only if the description of the cargo is "personal belongings."Otherwise, shipping documents are required.

Please be reminded that the information specified in the shipper's request must fully match the information specified in the air waybill. Requests mismatching the air waybill will not be accepted for dangerous goods examination.

All categories of shippers (including courier companies) are required to submit the necessary documents. You can contact our dangerous goods unit at: +7 495 967 84 09.

Standard Services Contract #1.5 of 01.07.2015, para. 3.1.8: The Customer undertakes to deliver cargo for handling with a complete set of shipping documents drawn up in accordance with the carrier's rules and applicable regulations in the field of civil aviation and allowing to determine the category (dangerous, perishable goods, etc.) and properties of the cargo.

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